Upholsterer for giving old pieces new life

Upholstery Del Ray Alexandria ArlingtonWe all go through it:  our tastes change, we marry and merge furniture with another and wish we could switch out a perfectly healthy upholstered chair only to get it to fit in better.  But why go and buy a whole new piece when you can just have it reupholstered?  Especially when I know someone who will do a totally pristine job of it!

I stumbled upon Nelson Di Stasio just by word of mouth.  The person who referred him said he had done some chairs for her and had done a really terrific job.  I had 3 chairs that needed a facelift, and called Nelson and offered him the job of one, just to see how it turned out.  It was a wingback chair, and I chose a fabric that had a varied pattern throughout (as opposed to say, just polka dots).  It was so easy–I ordered the fabric, had it shipped to Nelson, and waited a couple of weeks.

When my chair came back, it literally took my breath away.  Nelson’s wife, Miriam, does the “layout” of the material and he does the actual upholstery.  It was so fun to sit there and stare at the chair and the way they’d lined up everything so that there was no break in the pattern from the armrests to the seat cushion, and from the seat cushion to the back of the chair.  Really, folks–UH-MAZE-EEEENNGGG!!!

Nelson has since done the other two chairs, the third of which he delivered to my house just this evening.  Spectacular.  Another perfect job, and I just had to sing his praises to the community so the rest of you can use this wonderful resource!!

Nelson lives in Woodbridge, but will pick up your furniture from your house and deliver it right back to you when it’s completed.  He also has a large selection of fabrics for you to choose from, if you decide to go that route.  His prices are totally reasonable (certainly cheaper than replacing a nice chair!!), and his work is impeccable. You can check out his website:  www.nelsonupholstery.com, or call him at 703-590-7271 (it’s Woodbridge, so you’ll have to dial a “1” first).  Give him a jingle.  I promise you, you won’t regret it.

Add a local resource, or comment on your experience with this one.

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One Comment on “Upholsterer for giving old pieces new life”

  1. Adrienne DeArmas
    November 10, 2009 at 4:47 am #

    I’ve had some upholstery work done by the folks on Mt. Vernon, down by the deli, next to the gas station. The work was excellent and the price was very reasonable – I’m curious if anyone has used both and has a recommendation of one over the other?

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