Gluten free options for the dabbler and diehard

Wow is the whole gluten free thing getting nuts!  People who actually have Celiac disease must shake their heads in disbelief as all these latecomers to their nutritional reality investigate/debate the merits, myths and mischief of vegetables

I presume no special wisdom on the topic, though following the Paleo nutritional approach (which eschews gluten) for the last year I’ve never felt better.  But whatever your take  on the frenzy, hard to argue that many folks would likely do well to eat a little less pasta, bread, cracker, buns, muffins, donuts etc.  Even if only as a dietary change-up to keep a good rotation of nutrients rolling in and make a little more room for leafy green vegetables, fruits and lean protein

Here in Del Ray we’re lucky to have a rapidly expanding set of options if you’re trying to get a little more gluten-free in your routine so I thought I’d run through a few, including some delivery/mail options that are a little less visible than retail locations or our great farmers market.  No doubt this is an incomplete list (I’ve heard Home Made Pizza now has a gluten free pizza ) but I’ve stuck to things I’ve tried.

Happy Tart – This gluten free pastry shop just opened on Mt. Vernon Ave right next to the Farmers Market.  I’ve only had a limited sample but after more than a year swearing off cupcakes et al, I was delighted recently to tuck into a chocolate cupcake and some yummy lemony tart item.

Power Supply – Inspired by the growing number of folks wanting to try Paleo but also super short on time for cooking (or cooking differently), this local biz delivers prepared Paleo meals to Crossfit gyms in the area (like Trident).  Ordering is online with 3 and 5 meal packages for lunches and dinners.  Order by Wednesday, get your food the following week.  Then just pop meals in the microwave and away you go.  We’ve done it twice so far (great for when one spouse is on the road or you know the week isn’t going to include much meal prep time) and been pretty impressed.paleo lean meat and vegetables

Mt. Vernon Farm – High quality, grass fed meats are an important part of a lot of gluten-free approaches like Paleo but can be hard to find and pricey.  We love the occasional Let’s Meat visit, but have also had great luck with this farm out of Sperryville which delivers to Del Ray about once a month.  Good selection, reasonable prices and definitely falls in the easy bucket.  Just go to the “Buyers Clubs” link on the site (left nav), create an order online and then meet the truck at the appointed time and date.  If you’re ever in the Sperryville area, worth stopping by too.  We happened upon the farm once and it’s a beautiful spot.  Apparently they do tours etc. though we’ve not tried them.  South Mountain Creamery which we use for milk delivery also has meat offerings from their own farm and a handful of others in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Washington’s Green Grocer – Whether for reasons of supply or focus, it can be just as hard to crank the good veggies/fruits you need as it is to chow lean protein.  Lots of good CSA options in the area, some of which we’ve tried.  Right now though we’re doing this box of goodies thing and really liking it.  Every week a selection of the seasonal good stuff gets delivered to our door.  All we have to do is figure out what to cook, though their site also has loads of good info about recipes and food choices.  Lots of flexibility to omit, swap, skip weekly items or deliveries.  You can also go strictly organic or a blend.  All in all a very positive sort of outfit and most importantly, makes sure we eat plenty of good quality fruits and veggies.

I’m sure I’m delivering but a glancing blow on all the good stuff out there but that’s sort of the point.  There are plenty of different routes for getting a more diverse lineup of chow items going, whether you’re strict gluten free or just trying to shake things up.  Name of the game is to sample and try so you can find the right mix for you.  Hope some of these resources add to your selection pool.

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