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Little Known Vacation Gem on VA’s Eastern Shore

For all you folks out there still wondering where to haul the fam this summer or where to get away for a long weekend without breaking the bank (or the car), let me share a little gem we’ve discovered right down at the bottom of Virginia’s Eastern Shore, Cape Charles, VA. About 7 years ago our […]

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Gluten free options for the dabbler and diehard

Wow is the whole gluten free thing getting nuts!  People who actually have Celiac disease must shake their heads in disbelief as all these latecomers to their nutritional reality investigate/debate the merits, myths and mischief of gluten. I presume no special wisdom on the topic, though following the Paleo nutritional approach (which eschews gluten) for […]

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Info Sharing: See Where You Stand

All this writing and talking about neighborhood info sharing has also inspired a related experiment (and new local resource) called heystack, which is for all those times when we want to know what others are doing on a decision we’re facing but don’t ask (too busy, too forgetful, not comfortable).  What to pay a babysitter?  When […]

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Del Ray Contractor Service

Postcards from a Home Addition #4: Will Your Contractor Still Love You?

A while back I posted some tips on what to think about when choosing a contractor for your addition.  Part of a series on the many parts of a home renovation. One of the things I didn’t cover in the post was long term customer service.  In part because I didn’t do much digging on […]

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Taking the Window Replacement Plunge

“Next year.”  That’s what we’ve said pretty much every year for the last decade or so when considering the seemingly fearsome task of replacing the original  windows in our little bundle of 1930’s Del Ray house joy.  Sure, new windows were probably the smart, greenish, sensible thing to do before that cool built-in bookcase, or stylish […]

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Crossfit + (mostly) Paleo making 40 the new… 20?

Tale of the tape on my now 9 month adventure in regular fitness and eating differently: Lost 35 lbs, bodyfat in the mid-teens, waist 38 –> to 34 Can bench press more than my weight Never felt better (seriously, the 40 me could thrash the 20 me) How?  I certainly get tons of questions about it. And it’s been […]

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Trident Crossfit Take 2: Happy Sweat

After a workout recently my wife noted…“maybe people who exercise are just happy people.”  Really?  Come on, the world is full enough of trite, bumper-stickery ideas that don’t really hold up, particularly when it comes to health and fitness.  Sure, I get the whole endorphin thing, that people feel better and maybe they have more […]

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What folks read in ’10 on lokalgood

The stats wranglers at mulled over how lokalgood did in 2010, and here’s their high level summary of its overall blog health.  I’ve added a few comments in (parentheses) throughout.  All in all a fun year with this experiment.  Would be great if more folks added their own content too but as it’s turned […]

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Great service from a particular painter

Embarking on a paint job for your palace is fraught with peril by its very nature.  How great (or grossly off) will your color picking be?  What about the mess factor from moving all your stuff, or the invariable drips and splotches from so much new pigment flying around?  What happens when you pursue a […]

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A little loving for your landscaping

It’s roasting like Riyadh, muggier than Manila and the rain only seems to arrive via a tropical storm wind that also has a thing for snapping trees and yanking down power lines.  Not exactly the time of the year when you’re just dying to get outside and toil on your little patch of heaven.  But […]

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